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walking, the inbetween + now (part 1)

Images, videos, recordings, drawings, and text by: Lauren Goodey & Chloë Lund

Art residency @ Y Nyth (The Nest) 20-25 Feb 2020

Late summer 2019: Chloë, Lauren & Hana walk the coast path stretching between Porthmadog and Pwhelli (North Wales)

​Early spring 2020: Chloë and Lauren visit again TO DO A CREATIVE RESIDENCY IN CRICIETH AT **Y NYTH**

*Y Nyth* (The Nest) is a 'shop' on Cricieth high street that doesn't sell anything. Instead, it is an open community space for anyone to use, whether escaping from the wild coastal wind and rain or hanging out with friends after school. The space is owned and offered by Gemma, Mark and their family. They are both deeply committed Christians, practicing great generosity. We are very grateful to them for providing this space and for hosting us during this residency.


Art residency: The Process

We wanted this residency to be an opportunity to reflect and experiment with our creativity. Instead of setting strict outcomes for the residency and falling into a production mentality, we decided to prioritise:

  • being in connection with the community in Cricieth, each other, the land, the sea, memories, and places we had visited

  • working in restful and restorative ways taking naps when we needed them, making space for our spiritual practices, stretching, walking and being outside

  • bringing in relational, emotional and conflict work daily check in's, taking care of our emotional worlds, addressing existing conflicts between us and making the space to unravel them

  • exploring creativity and creating tangible things we could use to share our journey

Daily routine

  • Morning: sleep in, meditate, stretch, check in

  • Mid day: Revisiting places, make recordings and photographs

  • Afternoon: Hang out in Y Nyth and create

Revisiting the places felt like a exploration across space and time. Standing together in these significant locations, memories came back with a particular vividness, a level of detail which we had previously forgotten.​​ It had been a whole winter since we lived together while walking the Welsh Coast Path, and we also wanted to find out how our winters had been whilst we had been apart; how they might have been informed by the moments we shared along this stretch of the Welsh Coast Path in the summer? And where were we now, at the dawn of a new spring.

In Part 1,2 & 3 of this blog post, we share some of these reflections. In the videos: we share our memories from key sites. In the audio recordings: we extend these discussions to include our winters. In the collages: we merge our memories of the places from late summer with photographs as they are now.

Next: Part 2 - Borth-Y-Gest

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