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trying to make barista oat milk: part2: defeat

Written by Arran Brough and Lauren Goodey

We got the sonifier (AKA ultrasonic cleaner).

Filled with hope, we started part two of the experiment to make barista oatmilk.

It started well, we tried with a batch of milk we had made the other day, we put it in the sonifier.

There were two criteria we were testing for:

1. Does it froth?

2. Does it seperate in coffee?

It didn't froth. Devestating.

We have a rule, that we wait ten minutes until we decide whether something has seperated or not. It was looking promosing. Arran was very excited. I kept saying, "wait Arran, we don't know yet."

Then as 10 minutes started to creep upon us, the milk had still not seperated. "Have we cracked it! Have we? Is this it? Is this the moment we have been waiting for? Is this the start of our careers as sonifying oat milk makers?" we were excited. It's good to mention here that between each batch we had to wait for 20 minutes. (We did a lot of waiting, luckily i had made pizza, so we had a distraction for a while.) Batch no. 2 and 3 didn't go well. They both seperated and neither frothed. Three hours later, after waiting and waiting and waiting, frustration and almost tears, we decided there was only one thing to do...

We never thought it was going to be this hard.

We feel defeated, hopeless, and worst of all, sad.

All hope was not lost, we managed to create a new recipe.

Chocolate soup:

Take a batch of your oat milk,

mix it with shit loads of chocolate, date syrup and coconut sugar.


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