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Scientific materialism, a poem 2 u.

Scientific materialism:

You pushed me into this dead world,

cold, naked, alone.

I had to scramble my way over high rocks

(i didn’t realise they were alive)

so sharp that my fingers bled

until i lost all of my blood and collapsed.

I was just trying to find something

more like soul. (I had to find a way to fly.)

when i got to the top i jumped back down again. (that was the only option you gave me)

and my body smashed on the rocks,

and i was left with just bone for company.

i lay in the water, (not realising you were alive too)

doubting that even i was alive.

doubting that what i am

so sure of

wasn’t real after all.

you have denied me of life:

you mean, that when i tell another human about my death

they will laugh.

so instead, i keep quiet.

and I only tell my stories

to the deer. (and he listens so gently.)

but unlike you

the deer makes so many sure and sweet promises.

so does water,

and rock,

and bone.


i don't know how to listen

but it seems that this earth

is groaning to be heard.

and i do now know

that even you are alive.

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