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Penychain & Aberech Sands: walking, the in-between & now (Part 3)

Images, videos, recordings, drawings, and text by: Lauren Goodey & Chloe Lund Art residency @ Y Nyth (The Nest) 20-25 Feb 2020

See Part 1 - for an introduction to WALKING, THE IN-BETWEEN & NOW.

Penychain & Aberech Sands Memories

Penychain train station and Aberech Sands: where we slept at the train station, met some special people and had hot showers. In the MEMORIES video we discuss: Sleeping in the train station, meeting Melissa, Haydn and Emily, abundance & confidence, taking what you need (and more!), shelter, freedom and generosity, the friendly train conductor, and the question 'who’s land is this?'

The inbetween

In the INBETWEEN recording we talk about: being in scarcity mindset; (who are those big birds??); class and access to money, receiving and contributing; (they are seagulls!!); low energy, how the inner critic links to having enough; asking for what you want, choosing ease, saying yes, privilege and taking more than we need.

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