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meeting the wild

Meeting the wild was a 2 week journey, combining various meditation techniques (metta, breath,work movement), nature connection (spiritually and practically), ceremony and ritual. Creating a place for self awareness to grow dissolving the duality of the inner and outer worlds, seeing them as one world.

We spent 5 days in preparation, then walked for a day further into the mountains, where there are no humans people and little human interaction with the wild, we spend a further 3 days in preparation then left our group to enter our wider community or rocks, animals, birds, trees, plants, and land for our 3 day and night solo.

After our solo time, we met, and spent some time telling our stories, reflecting and reconnecting with our human community.

What a beautiful experience, i constantly felt honored and humbled.



Below is a map of my 3 day solo and how it was - its very symbolic, and probably makes no sense to anyone but me. This was one of my favourite exercises we did, using our non dominant hand.

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