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hawthorn: may spirals and flow 🐝 ⭕️ the centre

spiralling, flowing, movement to, from + around the center, abundance

hawthorn, may, may flower

crataegus monogyna

crataegus - hardness (of the wood)

monogyna - has one seed

This hawthorn tree was buzzing with insects: hawthorn forms the centre to which everyone buzzes to, from and around.

The beating heart of the pollinators world, abundantly covered in blossom.

plant tasting

This is the second time i have done a focused tasting for hawthorn, the first time i used bought dried flowers and really did not enjoy the experience. This time i used fresh flowering tops.

Date: 4 June 2021

Method of preparation: fresh flowering tops infusion 20 min brew

Smell: Rotting bodies, sweet, floral, deep, earthy, honey,

Taste: Sweet honey, watered-down honey,

Bodily impact: Not much happening, feel a tiny bit dizzy and spaced out, maybe it needs to be hot not warm? I feel quite calm and tired, a mild tightness in my chest and throat, drying herb, tucking me in, i have a spiralling feeling in my energy and head, like im spiralling like blood in a tube being pumped, cooling, can feel my lower body starting to spiral downwards, upper body upwards.... Quite calm again, movement resting, my body feels all floppy.

Who are they: spiralling flow director, pushing energy in necessary directions.

plant patterns + relations

hawthorn is in the rose family (Rosaceae)

how hawthorn can support humans

Herbal (1)

  • Supportive to the body systems on many levels (esp heart and circulation).

  • HEART, CIRCULATION + CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM - Basically Balances circulation, supporting in whichever way is needed

  • Makes the heart more efficient, supports blood vessel integrity.

  • Inotrophic (strengthens contractions of heart muscle wall)

  • chronotrophic (slows thing down).

  • Has vasodilatory properties (widens blood vessels).

  • Improves Peripheral circulation (in the extremeties: hands feet etc)

  • Reduces oversensitivity of the hearT

  • Anti-arrhythmic (reestablish heart rhythm)

  • Anti-sclerotic (stops hardening of circulatory system)

  • Cardiotonic (improves heart contractions)

  • SUPPORTS HYPOTENSION - can help to lower blood pressure, due to above reasons, long term use is required (3 months +)

  • NERVOUS SYSTEM - calms soothes + strengthens the nervous system.


  • MILDLY DIURETIC - febrifuge and sedative


Fresh leaves/flowers/buds can be eaten in salads, and the haws can be cooked (for at least 20 mins to soften them), commonly used in 'haw sauce' mixed with vinegar, sugar and spices: a ketchupy sauce, which i love putting in stirfries for a sweet and sour vibe, or for dipping.

hawthorn leaves

historical use, alliances + folklore

more info coming...

a hawthorn tree in full flowering beauty


(1) Heartwood Foundation. (2020). FC Unit 6: Materia Medica 2: Section 3: Hawthorn [online] Available at: [Accessed 5 May 2021]

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