• Lauren Goodey

growing calendula from seed 🌱👣🌿🌻

(still growing, post in progress!)

seeds through a hand lens


calendula seeds

Planted seeds on 15 April

26 April: can see the first leaves

Came up quickly, got big quickly 💪🏼🌱💪🏼🌱💪🏼

calendula is a dicotyledon: their seed leaves come up in two's

you can still see the seed case hanging off the seed leaves

7 May

multiple seed leaves are appearing 🌿🌿🌿

19 May

getting a bit bigger, more leaves are appearing on each plant, fairly slow growth

1 June

Getting BIG, will plant out soon! 🌿💪🏼🌿💪🏼🌿

ID info:

  • Leaves are bright light green, slightly yellowy

  • Seed leaves are larger than other seeds planted

  • Leaves are long and whole

  • Leaves feel rough - thick hairs ??

7 June

Planted out...

updates coming as they grow... 🌿🌻